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I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
Thomas Jefferson


Take Our Country Back PAC

Virginia Term Limits Now

TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK PAC was started in 2010 by a concerned citizen Jim Mckelvey, a constitutional conservative who believed in the principals of limited government, lower taxes and strict adherence to the words of our founding fathers and the Constitution. His idea was to encourage regular citizens to get involved and run for office. He attempted to recruit, train and support these individuals. Regrettable what he found was a corrupt system so tilted to the advantage of career politicians and long term incumbents, that these overwhelming advantages discouraged good people from getting involved. Finding citizen legislators proved to be impossible. So he decided that the only way to get regular citizens to be part of the process was to change the system. The emphasis now of the TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK PAC is “Virginia Term Limits Now”.

Why “Virginia Term Limits Now”. When our Founders formed the Commonwealth of Virginia they believed the best way to govern was with citizen legislators, statesman who would serve their country for a period of time and then go back to being private citizens. Now many our legislators have become career politicians who are more concerned about keeping their elected position then in serving the people. Our elected officials answer to the big money corporations and lobbyist who fuel their reelections machines. We the tax paying citizens are forgotten and only consulted after the fact as the try to convince us that they know what’s best for us. This has to stop and stop now! These career politicians have rigged the system so voting them out of office is near impossible. Thru the power of incumbency they can raise more money, determine the nominating process and gerrymander their districts so they can stay in office for as long as they want. House of Delegate Members with over 50 years and State Senators with over 35 years in office belittle the idea of citizen legislators. If we enact term limits, elected officials will no longer make a lifelong career of elected office. With term limits we will elect fresh faces with new ideas; leaders who will be able to work together as opposed to our current career politicians who thru too many years of cutting deals and cutting down their fellow legislators have eliminated the concept of bipartisanship and doing what’s right for citizens. Term Limits will create a different way of getting things done and these newly elected legislators will still be in touch with the average citizen and strive to serve the people instead of their own ambitions.

What Would Term Limits Look Like: The legislation we are proposing would be as follows: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and State Senate election to a maximum of two full four year terms. House of Delegates would be limited to election to a maximum of four full two year terms. Current State Senators and House of Delegate Members would be grandfathered in and the limits would start at the first election after passage of the Constitutional Amendment.

How do we achieve “Virginia Term Limits Now” First we must educate the citizens to the fact that the power of change is in their hands Term Limits will break the hold of power that the career politicians have successfully held for all these years. This job will be difficult in VA. In order to pass Term Limits it takes a Constitutional Amendment which requires the legislators to pass the bill in two consecutive session of the General Assembly followed by a ballot referendum. The polls show that term limits is favored by around 70% of the citizens of the Commonwealth so once we get it to the ballot box the voice of the people will be heard.

What you must do help achieve “Virginia Term Limits Now”: Sign our petition and get as many of your family and friends to sign too. Our plan is to get at least 500,000 signed petitions and present them to the Governor and all members of the General Assembly at a rally we will hold when the General Assembly meets next January. Contact your legislators call, write, and visit and tell them you will only support and vote for candidates who support term limits. Keep in touch with us at our website vatermlimits.com. Please leave your E Mail on the petition form so we can keep you advised of upcoming events in your area. We will be holding rallies and stopping thru-out the Commonwealth in the coming year working on rallying support for the cause. Finally, a financial contribution to help us in our efforts to pass term limit legislation is needed to ensure we reach as many Virginia’s as possible. You can donate at our Website: www.vatermlimits.com or send a check to Take Our Country Back 580 Grove Street; Bedford, VA 24523

Jim McKelvey

Founder – Take Our Country Back, PAC